You’re awesome, I’m awesome. Let’s talk.

I am a talented, efficient, and hardworking designer and craft entrepreneur. My three favorite aspects of design are typography, problem solving, and constant creation.

My ability to create has been honed through a lifetime of making: I am an artist and designer. I’m inspired by the hunt, the discovery, and the everyday.

My first art installation was exhibited in the home of my grandparents, set in crayon, flowing across original hardwood flooring. My first project in surface restoration soon followed. A childhood filled of tinkering and creative repairs under the tutelage of my grandfather led to MacGyver-like problem solving and creation skills, as well as the ability to see things for what they may become.

Born and raised near Chicago, developed in Minneapolis, rooted in Cincinnati (Westwood, specifically). I live with my family, two dogs, a cat, and some fish. When not making shiny objects to adorn awesome people, I cook, garden, and overshare on Instagram.